I Am The Machine Gunner Poster

Process: Created with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Size: 11in x 17in

Date: 2009

This project involved creating a poster for WordBRIDGE

Playwrights upcoming play by, I Am The Machine Gunner. The play’s script is edgy, powerful, and violent. It follows an old WWII veteran and his grandson who is a Russian gang member. The grandson tries to relate his actions to his grandfathers war experience.

For the poster’s design, I created a rough cut out of a mans face for the primary image. The face is anonymous and is meant to convey a sense of duality between the story’s two main characters. I wrinkled and tore the posters edges to give it a vintage and gritty look.

Out of several other submissions, The poster that
I made was selected by WordBRIDGE to be used throughout the promotion of the play. In addition, they also expressed interest in having more freelance work done throughout the
plays promotion.